Accounting Software & Systems

Accounting Software & Systems

dnm group can work with your business from startup through to maturity. Setting up your accounting system properly gets you on the right track and keeps you there as you grow. Accounting software reduces human errors, but it also helps you gain insights into your business. You can generate sales reports, identify your least profitable service and control your inventory. The right accounting software increases profitability.


Finding the best accounting software program for your business can be a challenge without in-depth expertise. dnm group performs a financial and management needs analysis to match you with the best accounting software. As business owners have more options today,  dnm group can help you decide whether you need a basic accounting package, a web-hosted application, or our bookkeeping services. Matching your system with dnm group’s software simplifies data collection and tax preparation for a seamless accounting experience.


dnm group has extensive knowledge and experience with many of the top-selling accounting programs including Xero, Reckon, Banklink, Cashflow, MYOB, Saasu, and Quickbooks. Many offer tiered editions and add-ons to address a growing business’ needs and off-the-shelf software is very affordable. Web-hosted accounting applications are the latest breed of financial management software. “Cloud” accounting offers all the bells and whistles of top-shelf, in-house accounting programs, at a fraction of the cost.


dnm group can recommend, establish, or transition your accounting to the web on a secure server. Clients can then store all of their data in a central location, instead of on multiple computers. This eliminates expensive hardware, constant updates, and IT maintenance costs and can access your data remotely. Cloud accounting also offers high speeds, software scaling, and inexpensive server space as you grow. These providers invest heavily in security which reduces risk of data loss, corruption, or breach. All users access one server, so you always have up-to-date information.


Other ways we help our clients reach their financial goals is by recommending accounting add on’s such as myprosperity and receipt bank.  These time saving software programs enables dnm group to work together effectively with our clients to easily track and keep secure records of all of their important data.


Once you’ve chosen your software, dnm group will set it up for you and tailor it to your business needs. We can train your staff, provide ongoing support, and partner with you for a better financial future.

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