dnm group offers accounting expertise and adheres to proper accounting standards. We ensure accurate financial data and reporting, but we also offer other vital benefits.


Cost Savings

dnm group can usually manage your books at a significantly lower cost than keeping a bookkeeper on your payroll. You eliminate wages and benefits and only pay for the services you need. We offer a complete bookkeeping service, including accounts payable and accounts receivable or choose services as you need them.


Accounting Team

dnm group includes accounting experts and highly-skilled staff. They understand best practices, use proven systems, and ensure compliance and accuracy. They decipher laws and regulations and access benefits applicable to your business. dnm group offers a wealth of information far beyond a solo bookkeeper. We can improve your business efficiency, streamline recordkeeping, and increase profits.


Focus on Your Business

Many business owners look at bookkeeping as a necessary evil. They’d rather focus on their business than crunch numbers. Fortunately, choosing dnm group for your bookkeeping needs means you avoid day-to-day distractions and mundane backend business procedures. Rest assured, dnm group’s bookkeepers handle your accounting needs promptly, professionally, and efficiently so you can focus on core business practices.


Unbiased Advice

dnm group provides unbiased, professional advice to protect owner interests. We follow strict rules of professional conduct and industry recognized accounting standards. We’ll pinpoint your financial strengths and weaknesses and recommend ways you can improve.


Top Accounting Systems

dnm group uses the top tools in the accounting industry, beyond the budget of some businesses. We organize, store, and safeguard your data and you have the records you need if you’re audited.


Flexibility & Scalability

When you use dnm group for your bookkeeping needs, we’re here for you as you grow. We can provide all, or part of your bookkeeping when you need it and within your budget. Outsourcing with dnm group provides flexibility beyond what an in-house bookkeeper can provide.

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