Business Advice

Business Advice

We are a boutique advisory firm supporting business leaders in the areas of strategic planning and business development. dnm group understand that successful planning only occurs when it is paired with an implementation framework which has inbuilt responsibility and accountability mechanisms. In other words we will not only help you plan but we will make sure you achieve your goals.


We have a strong belief that a business is only as good as the people in the business and their ongoing development is crucial. We maintain this philosophy as we move through the planning and implementation phases to ensure your business is prepared for short and long term success.

Diagnostic Tools

We use business diagnostic tools to identify areas in your business ripe for growth and profit then help you

implement strategies to achieve success. Try two of our diagnostic tools for free below.


Only 30% of strategic business changes succeed. Identify areas and ways to increase success.

Complete the diagnostic to identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit.

How we can help

Advice that matters

Clarifying your vision and goals, and the hurdles you face is an excellent way to uncover solutions. dnm group can guide you towards a better future and

help you review the outcomes of your decisions. Choosing dnm group means you receive the following benefits:


dnm group works with various businesses and has years of accumulated experience to draw upon. We can look at your business from various perspectives, because of our broad industry experience. We can offer you a fresh perspective, and significantly improve your business.


We’re not part of your company and we do not have a vested interest. We’re external advisors who can recommend change based on evidence, not internal bias, fear, or favour. We provide independent, qualified advice and can often spot problems and opportunities business owners miss, because we know what to look for.


Members of the dnm group are highly-qualified continuous learners. We belong to many professional bodies and stay atop current trends and technologies. We look at your business from a broad perspective first, and then zero in the challenges and opportunities within your niche. dnm group can recommend techniques and processes to refresh and invigorate your business to promote growth and manage wealth.


Members of dnm group include business advisers, commerce experts, chartered accountants, and tax advisers. We also partner with legal and investment firms to offer complete wealth management services. Our years of accumulated experience include work in senior positions in private and public companies and real world expertise to help your business improve and grow. We bring a host of skills to the table and your business can tap into our wealth of knowledge to strengthen your business and learn.


dnm group can help your business focus on its strengths and show you how you can be more time-effective. When you spend less time on problems and more on building your brand, you increase profitability and solidify finances.


Information is vital to business, but knowing what it means is what counts. The professionals at dnm group understand what’s important, which questions to ask, and what to do with the answers. Proper analytical skills take time to hone and experience to perfect. dnm group members are highly-qualified and able to recommend beneficial changes.


dnm group can help devise a strategic plan for your business to increase profitability, effectiveness, and sustainability. Our business adviser will establish metrics to measure change and review the outcomes. They will work with you to increase positive outcomes and to eliminate problems. This ultimately leads to a stronger, more profitable business and greater client satisfaction.


Our business adviser can analyse potential decisions to see if they align with your goals. You may need expert advice if you’re considering a major purchase, a sale, or a new venture. You may also need advice if you want to outsource part of your business. dnm group’s adviser can crunch the numbers and provide you with the data you need to comfortably move forward. Why leave your business to chance when you can rely on our expertise?


If you run a business, you should consider aligning your personal and business goals. dnm group’s business adviser can work with you to establish a concrete action plan and ways to hold you accountable for your decisions. Your adviser will support you, offer advice throughout your journey, and help you energize your business so you can achieve positive results. We can assist throughout the business cycle from start up, growth, and maturity. Contact dnm group for a free consultation, and let us take your business to the next level.

Talk to us about your situation and objectives and we’ll give you an honest appraisement of what we can do for you. You can contact us here