Business Structuring

Structuring Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, or you’re a seasoned business owner, choosing the correct structure for your business is critical to your success. Each structure has pros and cons, but you can rely on dnm group’s expertise to guide you.


All too often, a business owner decides on a business structure without considering the size of their business, their industry, and the registration and ongoing costs or the complexity of the paperwork. They may not analyze their tax and personal liability, their responsibilities as a business owner, and whether they can protect their assets under the chosen structure.


Some structures provide simple setups and reporting, while others are very complicated. You may not retain complete control of your business and profits under some structures, but will with others. Perhaps most importantly, some structures put your personal assets at risk, while others do not.


dnm group will assist you in this crucial decision. In most cases, it is not a simple process to change your business structure, so it’s important you choose wisely. Choosing the correct structure can offer up taxation alternatives such as income splitting, but the wrong structure can make it very difficult to raise capital or dissolve a company.


Of course, growth may demand a new structure and dnm group can ease you through the transition. A common change is sole trader to company, but get the advice you need if you’re contemplating this change. It’s very important you understand the process, your new role, and your responsibilities. dnm group provides expert, current advice to help you choose wisely.

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