Tax Disputes for Businesses

Tax Disputes

The ATO recognizes tax law administration and managing a business both present challenges. Sometimes, disagreement on how your company applies tax law may occur. The ATO may challenge a taxation liability or entitlement during their audit and you may disagree. Fortunately, dnm group has the expertise and strategy to defend your position.


dnm group includes professionals well-schooled in tax law. We routinely work with business and the ATO and understand the complications that can arise when interpreting tax law. We also understand the dispute and resolution processes and can help you resolve issues as quickly and cooperatively as possible.


Disputing an ATO decision doesn’t necessarily mean litigation, although it is sometimes necessary to clarify a point of law. In recent years, the ATO realized methods such as negotiation and mediation are efficient, respectful, and fair ways to settle disputes.


dnm group can assist through an ATO in-house facilitation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the early assessment and resolution (EAR) process. We can also facilitate the effective and timely outcome for large business taxpayers through an independent review. This process reviews the proposed outcome of an ATO audit and the technical merits before finalisation.


dnm group focuses on early engagement for resolution and full use of these processes for cost-effective, informal, consensual and speedy way to resolve disputes. If this is not possible, we help narrow the dispute issues to speed the process. We believe an effective working relationship with revenue authorities delivers superior results.

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