Financial Reports & Statements

Financial Reports & Statements

Reports and statements are a vital part of operating a business. dnm group includes fully qualified, experienced chartered accountants well-versed in business. They ensure your Australian business reports adhere to Australian Accounting Standards. dnm group also understands the legal requirements for government compliance, even though the Australian tax system is extremely complex. We work with the ATO, understand the system and minimize tax. However, the benefits of reports and statements prepared by dnm group reach far beyond fulfilling your duties and adhering to the letter of the law. Timely reports and statements also provide snapshots of company health and vital information for crucial decisions.



Identify Operating Trends

Financial statements allow business owners to review past performance over a fixed time period. dnm group works with you to identify trends which impact operations so you operate profitably and with less risk ahead. dnm group will analyze revenues, expenses, and cash flow so management can take advantage of opportunities at the most opportune moments, and remedy situations detrimental to your efforts.


Accurate Data for Budgeting

Reliable financial statements provide owners and management with the data they need to budget for the following period. Actual prior results are a solid foundation for accurate budgets as well as forecasting business financials. dnm group provides reports and statements tailored to your business needs. We can prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reports or statements when you need them.



Ratio Analysis

A proper ratio analysis provides owners and managers with vital information they can use in day-to-day operations. dnm group can calculate liquidity, equity, profitability, and debt so you can evaluate your company’s financial performance for wise business decisions. We’ll determine what ratios are most relevant to your business to provide you with usable, pertinent data for strategic decisions.



Sales & Mergers

Today’s fast-paced business environment means your company must seize opportunities quickly when they come your way. Buyers and potential partners need to know your business cares for its finances and you’re a viable business. dnm group’s accurate, properly prepared reports satisfy due diligence requirements and show others you run your business well. They can provide the extra level of assurance others need if they’re contemplating a business transaction with you.

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