Forecasting, Budgeting & Cash Flow

Forecasting, Budgeting & Cash Flow

Planning for the future and maximizing cash flow are central to operating a successful business. You cannot reach your goals without a proper plan and defined steps to achieve them. dnm group can help you do just that.



You’ve dedicated time, energy and money into your business and you want it to thrive. dnm group can help your business weather wide swings in economic activity and minimize their impact on your profit margins. Forecasting helps your business anticipate and counteract threats to remain profitable, even in a worst case scenario. By anticipating future developments in sales, expenditures, and profits, you make better business decisions and reduce risk. dnm group’s chartered accountants compare your company to others in your industry, and provide advice to improve company efficiency.



A good business budget is an accurate measuring stick of costs related to your business activities. It also demonstrates your company demonstrates financial control, important for creditors and stakeholders. dnm group will help you find ways to improve your financial position and competitiveness. You’ll understand the true cost of delivering your goods or services so you can set your prices properly. You’ll see which aspects of your business produces money and which ones use it. You’ll understand where you need to cut back and recognize growth opportunities.


Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is the lifeline of your company. dnm group helps you maintain reserves to pay your daily operating expenses, without leaving too much money sitting idle when it could work for you instead. dnm group can increase liquidity by closely monitoring how money flows in and out of your business. They can show you ways to accelerate inflows, delay payments, invest your excess cash reserves, and borrow when suitable. Fine-tuning your operations, investments, and financing maximizes efficiency, reduces risk, and increase profits.

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