Income Protection & Insurance

Income Protection & Insurance

Whether you’re an individual or person, you work hard to accumulate wealth. However, asset protection is often one of least understood and most neglected aspects of personal financial planning. Asset protection involves insulating family and valuable business assets from possible financial setbacks, disagreements, or legalities. It is a legitimate and wise precaution if something should go wrong.


dnm group provides advice on simple, easy-to-implement strategies and complex measures which afford the highest level of protection. We analyze worst case scenarios and suggest ways to mitigate risk. Often times, assets can be held or structured in a new way to increase protection. For instance, keeping assets in discretionary trusts or buying substantial life insurance policies may improve protection.


dnm group may also recommend transferring ownership to a spouse or partner, while always considering the tax implications and overall effect on your security and financial well-being. Our experts provide a realistic assessment of personal and business risk exposure and develop a workable plan. While no foolproof methods exist to protect assets, you can implement sensible structures and strategies to address the greatest risks.


Proper insurance coverage is an important method of protecting your assets too. Too often, individuals and businesses choose coverage based on premiums alone, instead of focusing on the best coverage for their most valuable assets. Consequently, a catastrophic loss could wipe out years of hard work and jeopardize your future.


dnm group will identify high risk areas and refer you to our professional insurance partners for expert advice. Proper, tailored insurance coverage protects what you value most and you only pay for what you need. It is a cost-effective approach, rather than paying for broad coverage.