dnm group works closely with a range of professional registered liquidators.  These qualified licensed specialists can wind up your company affairs, whether voluntary or court ordered. They can also act as fiduciaries and control the affairs, money, and property of the company for closure.


Not all liquidations are due to insolvency. Solvent companies may want to liquidate for several reasons. If the company no longer operates and it serves no further use it may be wise to wind up operations. Stakeholders may also want access the equity in the company in a tax-efficient manner.


dnm group provides advice on the best course of action for your needs. Our accounting specialists analyze your business affairs to determine its value, distribute the sale proceeds to creditors, and dole out any surplus to stakeholders appropriately.


We ensure your company completes the formal processes necessary to end your obligations. Otherwise, your company will still need to fulfil requirements, such as lodging returns and paying annual statements/reviews.


We’ll deregister your company, arrange payment of outstanding penalties and fees, and tend to the legal cessation of your business. We’ll also advise whether a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation will assist you if you wish to access your company’s equity and assist in the liquidation of assets.


dnm group also assists companies with voluntary creditor’s liquidations as well as court ordered liquidations. Each situation has unique requirements, as does each business. Let us tie up the loose ends and find the most benefits for you in the process.

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