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Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re already a sole trader, company, partnership or trust, you need reliable financial advice and reporting. DNM Group works with you to overcome obstacles, minimize risk, succeed, and grow.

Accurate, reliable financial information is the cornerstone of any successful business. It allows you to plan for the future, adjust your tactics where needed, and protect your assets.

No matter where your business is now, our proactive financial management can take your business to the next level.

Business Structuring & Setup

Choosing the correct business form is extremely important as it has many financial and legal implications.

DNM Group can advise what’s best for you based on your needs. Tax efficiency, asset protection, estate, and succession planning are all considerations. You need expert advice to plan for growth, minimize expenses, and protect assets.

We can also facilitate the establishment of your business, including registration or preparing a partnership agreement. Our partner legal firms can help you establish a business trust.

Performance Management & Development

DNM Group can establish key performance indicators to track what’s important to your business. Tracking KPIs should improve performance, streamline management, and help you achieve your key business objectives. We work with you to establish high-level KPIs for overall performance, and low-level KPIs to measure particular areas.


Forecasting allows a business to estimate future financial information based on past and present financial conditions. It is crucial to business as it identifies revenue and expenditure trends which can improve decision-making and influence policies, goals, and offerings.

Forecasting is part of your annual budget process which includes cash flow analysis; the lifeline of all businesses. It is also a vital and often specific requirement for many financial lenders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide you with a thorough assessment of the legal, business, and financial risks if you decide to merge or acquire another business. Even if a company has excellent credentials, you need to know whether the proposal will help you meet your business objectives.

Shareholder/Unitholder Agreements

Shareholder and unitholder agreements are important, because they outline the procedures for handling assets and their influence on your business.

Proper agreements define important issues such as value, options, confidentiality, restraint, dispute resolution, and succession. Without proper agreements resolution is left with the courts.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Buy/sell agreements divide the business share or interest of a proprietor, partner, or shareholder using a predetermined formula. They are important for a smooth transition should a business owner become disabled, die, retire, or want to sell. DNM Group can lay out the terms of these agreements to avoid disputes during change.

Industry Benchmark Comparisons

We offer in-depth reviews of your company’s policies, strategies, services, and products when measured against your industry. We highlight areas in need of improvement and offer insight into how others achieve high level performance. This can help you improve your business too.

Business Valuations

A successful business is an asset and it is important you understand its worth at any given time to make wise decisions.

You may want to sell, merge, expand, buy out a partner or take on a new one. You may also need to know the value of your business if unexpected events occur such as a death or business disaster.

Asset Protection, Taxes, Estate & Succession Planning

You dedicate time and resources to your business, so it is vital you protect it. We’ll create a plan for your estate, assets, and who succeeds you so you maintain your vision for your company.

DNM Group identifies and addresses potential problems and recommends ways to protect your business and your legacy. Your personalized plan ensures equity transitions seamlessly and without the burden of unnecessary tax.

Business Consultations & Expert Advice

DNM Group offers professional consultations and targeted financial advice, no matter the size or level of your business. We’re chartered accountants and experienced business advisers. Let us help you attain your business goals, generate wealth, and continue your legacy.

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