Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

As our baby boomer generation heads into retirement, we have fewer people in the workforce to support the national pension system. Consequently, everyone needs to proactively plan for their retirement if they want to provide for themselves comfortably throughout their retirement.


Even those who realise the importance of active retirement planning may struggle with what they need to save and the best ways to achieve their goals. dnm group can answer these important questions and set you on the correct path. We assist people so they achieve their retirement goals and enjoy a stress-free, comfortable retirement.


dnm group helps create the lifestyle you want, from modest to comfortable. Your financials needs can easily double from one end of the scale to the other, so it’s important to clarify your issues and goals.


Our retirement planning specialists will analyse your current position and create actionable steps to achieve your goals. We can determine superannuation needs and how to contribute, whether you can and should start a transition-to-retirement pension (TRIP) before you retire, and whether you’ll benefit more from a lump sum payment or a superannuation pension. We also provide expert advice on which investments are most suited to your goals and how you can manage your Super Fund for the most tax advantages.


Don’t leave your future to chance. Let dnm group guide you towards a secure, comfortable future as quickly and securely as possible.