Setting Up a Business & Compliance

Setting Up a Business & Compliance

Starting a business is exciting, but regulatory and taxation bodies demand accuracy and compliance. When you choose dnm group, you adhere to the letter of the law and start your business off on the right foot.


Compliance is not an option. Regulatory bodies react to businesses that do not lodge accurate financial reports and tax returns, fail to keep information up-to-date with registries, or when they neglect other duties. Repercussions include hefty fines, disciplinary actions, and sometimes incarceration.


dnm group can help you understand the fine details of capital gains tax, goods and services tax, your business activity statement, Pay-As-You-Go withholding tax, fringe benefits tax, workers’ compensation, and more. Our accounting skills ensure you meet your obligations, but personalized service translates complex requirements into an easy-to-understand, actionable plan.


dnm group offers expert accountancy, but so much more. We’re you’re proactive partners and we take an interest in you and your business. We offer financial advice as you grow and highlight areas where you’re spending more than you should. We can help you learn best practices, streamline operations, increase profits, and achieve your goals.


Our group of experts can help you decide which company structure best suits your needs, the associated risks, and what you need to register. We’ll explain your legal, financial, and reporting obligations and responsibilities under the law and how we can assist you with all, or any of these needs.


Get the advice you need from dnm group to create and grow a profitable business and avoid legal pitfalls that can affect your business adversely.

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