Succession & Estate Planning

Succession & Estate Planning

dnm group can help you plan for the future and provide security for your loved one. No one knows what the future holds, but proactive succession and estate planning can protect your interests and provide financial security when you’re unable to do so.


Our legal partners will prepare a will for you to clearly define the distribution of assets if you die. However, estate planning and succession reaches beyond your will.


dnm group can bring your accounting, financial, and insurance needs together into a cohesive package. We access your needs, formulate a plan, and create the actionable steps to protect your dependents and your wealth.


A primary component of succession and estate planning is an in-depth analysis. dnm group addresses your unique concerns and needs and then identifies assets, risks, potential benefits available to beneficiaries, and tax implications. dnm group’s legal partners may also recommend a specific trust if you support a person with special needs or they’re incapable of managing finances.


Integrating financial, legal, and accounting needs simplifies your succession and estate planning process. It also ensures these components work together to provide you with the best possible results. We integrate your investment, wealth accumulation, retirement, and asset protection strategies into a single, powerful, and cohesive plan. Our unified approach transfers wealth seamlessly and the way you intended.