Valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions

Valuations and Mergers & Aquisitions

An accurate valuation of your business is important for many reasons. You may want to sell shares in your company, sell the business in its entirety, or attract investors. You may want to apply for financing, take on or buy out a partner, or value your net worth. A valuation is also a vital tool used to settle disputes over estates, during divorce litigation, and to allocate value in a buy-sell agreement between partners.


dnm group provides independent, thorough business valuations using proven accounting methodologies. They include an examination of the economic situation, a financial analysis, and sourcing potential sources of gain or cost savings. The final valuation provides you with expert evidence of value for strategic decision making and speedier transactions.


Mergers and acquisitions are a major part of the corporate world today. Greater size usually lowers costs and increases reach, and choosing to grow can be the most important tactical decision a business can make. A proper valuation of business worth and risk can provide you with a critical advantage during negotiations.


Our advanced analytics and proven experience can assist you with due diligence before buying or borrowing, including key issues and risks. A proper evaluation provides credible data for forecasts during a capital-raising process too. We analyze historical data, forecast performance, estimate the cost of financing, and review the results.


We can also prepare your business for sale and help you secure the best price during the sales process. We provide advice on accounting definitions and policies, financials, taxes and indemnities. dnm group also provides advice to minimise tax and smooth mergers to maximise value.

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